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До уваги бакалаврів та магістрів! Університет Пассау (Німеччина) оголошує набір на двосеместрове навчання!

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View to Passau in Germany with river Danube in Summer

Since 2009 the University of Passau provides the University of Passau Education for Democracy Scholarship that is addressed to students from Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region (Bachelor & Master).

Scholarship holders are enabled to study two semesters in Passau. They get the chance to improve their academic education, to develop their personality and to acquire leadership skills necessary to become future leaders in their home countries.

The scholarship includes financial support of 720€ per month for two semesters.

The deadline for applications for the scholarship starting in winter term 2018 is 30 July 2018.

Further information with respect to the scholarship and the application process may be found in the PDF document



Thomas Schwaiger

Universität Passau

Innstraße 41

94032 Passau

Phone: +49-851-509 1174

E-mail: thomas.schwaiger@uni-passau.de

Web: http://www.uni-passau.de/en/international/welcome-centre/contact/

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