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University of Sydney Scholarships 202

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Fully Funded BS,MS & PhD
The duration for the Undergraduate program is 4 years, the Masters’ Program is 2 years, and for the Ph.D. is 3 years. It’s the best opportunity for the students for the study who want to study in Australia with the international standard staff.
A stipend of $27,596 per Annum
Tuition Fee
Free Accommodation
Medical Funds
Paid maternity leave
Compensation Funds up to $420 for Masters candidates and up to $840 for Doctoral candidates.
Research funds also offer  https://scholarshipsguider.com/university-of-sydney-scholarships-2021/?fbclid=IwAR3EwkDHKOiUaiNrh6kwmohdE0Ll0cjJgfV2yhVgNp-2XMgln47pVo81UMc