Graduate School Practices of Literature Scholarship

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Вища школа літератури (Мюнстер, Німеччина) приймає заявки на надання стипендій для написання дисертацій в наступних областях:

Дедлайн: 30 листопада та 31 травня щороку

Areas of study:  English/American Studies, Arabic/Islamic Studies, Baltic Studies, Book Studies, German Studies, Comparative Studies, Latin Philology/Studies, Neo- and Medieval Latin Studies, Dutch Studies, Scandinavian Studies, Romance Studies (Main Areas: French, Spanish, and Italian Literature), Sinology, Slavonic Studies.

The following three areas are to be emphasized in the individual doctoral dissertations:

1. Literature and Society
(The relationship between Literary Studies, Social Theories, Cultural Theories and Studies, and Literature)
2. Theories of Literature
(Philosophy of Science, History and Theory of Literature, Literary Theories)
3. Putting the Study of Literature into Practice 
(Occupationally-oriented areas that apply Literary Studies, the literary marketplace, key qualifications, the relationship between Literary Theory and professional practice)

Curriculum: Lectures/series of talks, colloquia, group projects, workshops, practical training, and academic teaching

Mentoring: Each doctoral candidate will have an individual, interdisciplinary support group consisting of three members. A written agreement regarding the mentoring will be made and an individual work and time schedule will be established. The respective professors will assist in applying for scholarships.

Requirements: A qualifying degree (Master/Magister/Staatsexamen with a minimum grade of “gut”/B);
in exceptional cases: a bachelor’s degree with a minimum grade of “sehr gut”/A; language skills

Application Deadlines for Winter/Summer Term:

Application Documents:

Applications to the Graduate School must be submitted in written form (in German or English; preferably via email as one PDF file) and should include:


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