Ukrainian studies studios

Descipline Ukrainian studies studios
Faculty Faculty of History
Faculty URL
Language English
Degree Bachelor
Credits 4
Semester 1
Description The purpose of the course «Ukrainian Studies» is to acquire students with systematic knowledge about Ukraine and Ukrainian, to study the natural terrain of Ukraine as the most important ethnoforming factor due to the state borders of unitary sovereign Ukraine; the youth`s awareness of the process of realistic self-determination of human society, which now identifies itself as Ukrainians. The objectives of the course are: Understanding the essence of Ukrainian Studies, Ukraine and Ukrainian. Consideration of the natural terrain of Ukraine and its ecological component. Awareness of self-determination and self-identification of Ukrainians. Mastering the procedures of primary information processing that make up the empirical base of the discipline. Formation of applied analytical skills of research of the Ukrainian state and the Ukrainian nation.
Teachers Lyudmyla Chekalenko
Ph.D., Dr. Sc. in History, Professor

Department of History of the World Ukrainians

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