Local Government Financial Management

Descipline Local Government Financial Management
Faculty Faculty of Economics
Faculty URL http://econom.univ.kiev.ua/en/
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 8
Semester 3
Description The course introduces students with specific features in?local?public?finance?management?by?focusing?on local?budgeting,?debt?management?and?taxation,?and?suggestions?for?policy?options. The course covers such vital issues at the local level as linking?local?budgeting?with?fiscal?planning?and?medium-term?priorities (accountability),?comprehensiveness?in?budgeting?and?its?execution (transparency), strengthening?local?fiscal?capacity?necessary?to?balance spending powers with expenditure responsibility. The course addresses the problem of developing countries, where local own-source revenues?are?inadequate,?and?central?transfers?lack?predictability?and?time?consistency. The purpose of the course is to develop students` fundamental knowledge on the nature, structure and functioning of the local government, and stages of sustainable financial management of its resources and activities. Objective of the course is to generate students` understanding of basic principles of the sustainable financial management in the modern local government system, in order to use obtained knowledge in practical activity at the public service.
Teachers Nataliia Miedviedkova
Associate Professor Department ?f Finance, Faculty of Economics,
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv,
Vasylkivska str. 90a, Kyiv, 03022
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