Descipline Time-management
Faculty Faculty of Economics
Faculty URL http://econom.univ.kiev.ua/en/
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 5
Semester 1
Description The objective of the course is to reveal the peculiarities of the theory and practice of managing time resources through the development of organizational tools and the effective use of time. The discipline focuses on the ability of students to identify and solve complex tasks and problems in the management of time, characterized by uncertainty of conditions and requirements. Knowledge management is aimed at forming integral, general and professional competencies in the direction of training “Management”. The discipline contains two content modules. Semantic module 1. “Time management as a system of personal accounting of time”. Transformation of the modern paradigm of time management. Goals and timing results as a time accounting and control system. Personal time management. Scale of time loss in the absence of control. Ways to minimize inefficient time expenditures. Personal reengineering. Priority time management tasks. Beam diagram Use of time management tools in chaotic unpredictable conditions. Time management as an internal skill. Principle of Pareto in time management. Psychological peculiarities of personality in the management of time. Semantic module 2. “Corporate time management: philosophy and technology”. Time management as an instrument of organizational development. Significance of time management standards in enterprise management system. Corporate time management XXI century. and the basic principles of its implementation. Features of corporate standard organization of time of staff. The essence of the concept of “realization of values” in the organization. Principles of standardization of communication. “Realization of Values” as an Important Instrument of Organizational Strategy.
Teachers Vikulova Alyona
Assistant, at the  Department of
Management of Innovative and Investment Activities
Faculty of Economics,
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv,
Vasylkivska str. 90a, Kyiv, 03022,
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