Gender Order Transformation in Post-socialist Ukraine and Europe

Descipline Gender Order Transformation in Post-socialist Ukraine and Europe
Faculty Faculty of Sociology
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Language English
Degree Master
Credits 5
Semester 3
Description The course introduces topical issues in theoretical and practical sociological research on gender order transformation in post-socialist Ukraine and Europe. The course explores central questions and themes that have been critically raised by researchers and activists in the field. The methodological framework is developed within the frame of the gender, socio-cultural analysis, post-colonial and feminist theories. The course starts with theoretical account of the individual–family–population nexus in post-socialist transitions. More specifically, the course will examine the following aspects or themes in gender and post-socialist transformation debates: gender transformations in the contemporary Ukraine and other post-socialist countries; homemaker and breadwinner roles in the common sense, media, education, and state policy; exploitation of the intimate sphere in socialist and post-socialist countries (Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romanian, Slovakia, and Russia); the comparison of gender order in the post-socialist European and socialist Asian societies.
Teachers Dr.Babenko Svitlana
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