Gendered Education

Descipline Gendered Education
Faculty Faculty of Sociology
Faculty URL
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 3
Semester 3
Description The course provides students with core knowledge about history and current state of gender issues in education (preschool, school, higher education and sabbath-schools) in Ukraine and other countries. In particularly students will consider such topics as:  gender inequality in access to education, its roots and effects, gender stereotypes and segregation within education, gendered professional education etc. They will learn about the role of feminism in the establishment of equal access of women and men to education, gender aspect of laws in educational sphere.  They will learn the basics of feminist pedagogy and practice them. Students will get acquainted with the international comparative studies that include questions related to gender and education and to use this data for further knowledge development within the field of gender studies.
Teachers Dr.Strelnik Olena
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