Soft Skills

Descipline Soft Skills
Faculty Faculty of Psychology
Faculty URL
Language English
Degree Doctorat (Ph.D.)
Credits 3
Semester 2
Description The course content is centered on learning and development: personal and professional development of students, the formation of their social skills needed for effective learning, employment and further career. It seeks to motivate them by helping to become more effective, independent and confident self-directed learner by improving their capacity to understand what they have learned and how and when they are learning, and to encourage them to monitor, reflect on, evaluate, plan and take responsibility for their learning activity. Outline Syllabus:Personal motivation and professional development; Goal-setting; Self-management; Time management; Leadership; Critical and reflective thinking; Presentation skills; Communication skills (academic debate; negotiation techniques etc.); Group work.
Teachers SvitlanaPaschenko,
PhD, Associate Professor, Developmental Psychology Department &GannaKharlamova, PhD, Associate Professor, Economic
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