Clinical Psychopharmacology

Descipline Clinical Psychopharmacology
Faculty Faculty of Psychology
Faculty URL
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 5
Semester 2
Description The course is dedicated to study of the influence of medicinal substances on human mental activity. The content of the course is aimed to understanding pharmacological principles, scientific data and clinical practices to individual psychopathology. The course is aimed to provide knowledge on the clinical psychopharmacology for understanding all the clinically relevant principles of pharmacokinetics (how body reacts on medications) and pharmacodynamics (how medications impact on a body). This course is based on collaborations across a broad range of disciplines, including behavioral science, biochemistry, brain imaging, genetics, medicine, neuroendocrinology, neuroscience, and pharmacology.
Teachers Alina Proskurnia
Professor Assistant
of Psychodiagnostics and Clinical Psychology
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