Experimental Astroparticle Physics

Descipline Experimental Astroparticle Physics
Faculty Faculty of Physics
Faculty URL http://www.phys.univ.kiev.ua/en/
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 3
Semester 2
Description Syllabus outline:

– Nuclear astrophysics: element abundances, Big Bang and stellar nucleosynthesis, energy production in stars
– Cosmic rays, charged cosmic radiation, high-energy cosmic rays
– Modern experimental methods in astroparticle physics
– Cosmic microwave background (CMB)
– Gamma astronomy, high-energy gamma rays
– Neutrino mass and nature. Neutrino astronomy & astrophysics
– Dark matter and dark Energy,
– Gravitational waves
– Data policies and next-generation computing

Teachers Aushev Volodymyr Yegorovich
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