East Europe in World Politics

Descipline East Europe in World Politics
Faculty Institute of International Relations
Faculty URL http://www.iir.edu.ua/en
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 7
Semester 1
Description General course objectives is to make students familiar with the historic background of today’s East European politics, providing them with the broad factual perspective of interconnecting events that throughout the centuries had shaped the political, social and economic agenda of today`s Eastern Europe. Emphasis of the course: the formation of primary polities in the region of Eastern Europe, the East European politics between Mongol and Ottoman invasions, the Eastern Europe under the Habsburgs predominance between 1450 – 1700, the rise to regional supremacy of the Kingdom of Prussia and the Russian Empire in the XVIII Century, the Eastern Europe between 1814 and 1914, the East European politics of  the  interwar period, the Eastern Europe and the World War II, the Eastern Europe under the post World War II bipolarity.
Teachers Ass. Prof. A.A.SUBOTIN
Ass.Prof. O.L.KHYLKO
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