Descipline Geopolitics
Faculty Institute of International Relations
Faculty URL
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 4
Semester 1
Description The course is aimed at the development of the geopolitical analytical approach skills. The first part of the coarse is devoted to the study of the specifics and steps in geostrategy development process, in doing geopolitical analysis of country, geopolitical analysis of region, strategic foresight and warning method of geopolitical situation analysis, geopolitical risks analyses, as well as main strategies of risks treatment and management. The second part is devoted to the study of geostrategies of main world actors within the contemporary geopolitical environment, namely US, European geopolitical area, Russia, China. By means of development of practical skills students avail the possibility of analyzing geopolitical structure of Middle Eastern, Asian, African and Latin American regions. The focal point is made on the axis of relations US-EU-China-Russia, as well as on vital geopolitical issues.
Teachers Ass.Prof. O.L.KHYLKO
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