EU policy towards  Eastern Europe

Descipline EU policy towards  Eastern Europe
Faculty Institute of International Relations
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Language English
Degree Master
Credits 3
Semester 2
Description Taking into consideration the significant role of the EU both in international and European political agenda the course introduces students to basic theoretical and practical aspects of the EU external relations with special attention to the EU Policy towards Eastern Europe. By the end of the course students should have: an understanding of the new role of the EU in the post-bipolar system of international relations, its policy in the region of Central and Eastern Europe and the key debates that surround this issue. an ability to explain and evaluate the mechanisms and peculiarities of the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy, the Common Security and Defense Policy including EU civilian and military operations and the EU regional policies (European Neighborhood Policy and Eastern Partnership). An understanding of the position of the member-states on the main aspects of the EU policy in Eastern Europe. An ability to evaluate the relations of Ukraine with the EU and its member-states as well as the issues that might improve this cooperation in the future.
Teachers Asst.Prof. M.A.MIRONOVA
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