International Marketing Management

Descipline International Marketing Management
Faculty Institute of International Relations
Faculty URL http://www.iir.edu.ua/en
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 4
Semester 3
Description Cultural and national differences, tendencies of niching and customization, new technologies and social responsibility propose different problems for organizations who market their products and services around the world. Modern approaches to marketing management dictate the terms of the new company-wide status of marketing. It drives the company’s vision, mission, and strategic planning. This course will provide you with different fundamental and modern topics for understanding the theories, concepts, applications and the unique challenges of marketing in a fast-changing international and global context. Concepts and theories such as segmentation, targeting, and positioning, marketing management strategies, brand management, customer value analysis, business communications, social marketing will be discussed during this course. The programme will give knowledge of strategies and tactics for international markets, and build an understanding of marketing management for multinational and global organizations.
Teachers Krykun Victoria Andriivna
PhD, Associate professor
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