Roman Law

Descipline Roman Law
Faculty Institute of International Relations
Faculty URL http://www.iir.edu.ua/en
Language English
Degree Bachelor
Credits 2
Semester 1
Description The Course introduces students to the basic concepts and categories of state studies and jurisprudence, which were formulated in the Roman state and reciprocated by the majority of countries in the continental legal family. The main task is to study the basic provisions of the organization of the Roman state at different stages of its development, the development and formation of Roman law, the evolution of basic legal institutions, the development of the ability to apply the obtained basic knowledge for the study of special courses in the future; to analyse the sources of Ukrainian law regarding the implementation of the basic principles and concepts of Roman law; to carry out an analysis of the works of lawyers, philosophers and scientists of Rome; to have the Latin terminology sufficient to use it freely in practical work.
Teachers Sviatun
Oleksiy Volodymyrovych
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