Methodology of European Law Research

Descipline Methodology of European Law Research
Faculty Institute of International Relations
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Language English
Degree Master
Credits 3
Semester 2
Description This course aims to provide with an up to date understanding of Legal Reserch Methods in a Modern World, overview of division of “sources-of-law” in different areas, comparison between Common Law and Civil Law thinking. The course will look not only at the historical developments of the Legal Doctrine as a Hermeneutic and an Empirical Discipline; also as a Logical and a Normative Discipline; and also look at the Empirical Data Used in Legal Doctrine, Wording and Checking Research Hypotheses, Theory Building in Legal Doctrine. The learning process will include major purposes of Comparative legal studies, a basic working-plan for a comparative law method and a civil Law method
Teachers Vlyalko Illya
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