Legal case studies on current issues of EU Law

Descipline Legal case studies on current issues of EU Law
Faculty Institute of International Relations
Faculty URL
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 3
Semester 3
Description The discipline provides a deepening of students’ knowledge of European law and an advanced education in practical case-solving. It focuses on those elements and structures of the law of the European Union, which are fundamental for the understanding of the Union and for the work as a lawyer. It deals in particular with the basic concepts and the implementation and enforcement of European Union law, with the competences and institutions of the Union, the protection of fundamental rights in Union law and the economic fundamental freedoms of the Union`s citizens. The cases focused on implementation of EU Law in member states, exterritorial application of EU Law & EU sanction law
Teachers Smyrnova
Kseniia Volodymyrivna
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