EU Competition Law

Descipline EU Competition Law
Faculty Institute of International Relations
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Language English
Degree Master
Credits 4
Semester 1
Description The course concentrates on the foundations for the system of rules, consisting of Articles 101 and 102 of the EU Treaty (anticompetitive behavior & exemption from prohibitions, abuse of dominant position), Merger Regulation & State aid rules, which together are enforced in order to ensure that ‘effective competition’ prevails in EU market. These legal sources regulate much business activity using a complex balancing test to determine whether such activity is lawful competition or unlawful anti-competitive conduct. The course offers an economic perspective on these legal rules. It also offers a comparative perspective, frequently referring to the way antitrust law in the USA deals with similar problems. It looks at the application of the competition rules in certain contexts and sectors: “public undertakings”, state aids, information technology. It places a particular emphasis on the relationship between EU competition law and intellectual property rights.  
Teachers Smyrnova
Kseniia Volodymyrivna
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