Professional and Corporate Ethics

Descipline Professional and Corporate Ethics
Faculty Faculty of Geography
Faculty URL
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 6
Semester 2
Description Professional and Corporate Ethics provides the specificity of the business cultures of the nations of the world with a focus on building effective business communications within intercultural business relationships. Topics: peculiarities of business cultures of different countries; effectiveness of business communication in cross-cultural interaction; decision-making processes in different business cultures; effective verbal and non-verbal communication in different business cultures; national features of communication and motivation. The course’s objective is to provide knowledge and skills in the sphere of national business cultures interaction.
Teachers Oksana
Associate Professor
Regional Studies and
Tourism Department, Faculty of Geography,
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv,
P-t Glushkova 2a,
Kyiv, 03022
+38 (044) 521-33-52
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