Descipline Urbometeorology
Faculty Faculty of Geography
Faculty URL http://www.geo.univ.kiev.ua/en/
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 3
Semester 1
Description The course covers four main directions of Urban Meteorology – urban microclimate, urban bioclimate, air pollution and urban vulnerability to climate change. Urban Meteorology course include topics: urban surface energy balance (SEB), urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon, effect of urban geometry on roughness parameters, big city wind regime, factors which influence on thermal comfort habitants of urban areas, methods for human biometeorologically relevant assessment of urban climate, models for simulation of urban bioclimate, sources of air pollution in urban areas,  the role of meteorological parameters on concentrations of air pollutants, the main photochemical reactions in polluted atmosphere of big city, the influence of heat waves on air quality of urban areas, direct and indirect impacts of climate change in big cities, methodologies to evaluation urban vulnerability to climate change, development urban adaptation plan to climate change. The purpose of the course is to form students` understanding of the main processes in atmosphere of big city, which cause transformations in microclimate and bioclimate of cities.
Teachers Olga Shevchenko
Associate Professor
Meteorology and Climatology Department, Faculty of
Geography, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv,
Glushkova av.
2, Kyiv,
Tel +38
(044) 521-32-86
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