Neighbourliness Legal Regulation

Descipline Neighbourliness Legal Regulation
Faculty Faculty of Law
Faculty URL
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 2
Semester 2
Description The purpose of the discipline is to familiarize students with the theoretical knowledge of neighbourliness legal regulation. Location of land plots determines the peculiarity of ownership rights on them. The location of a land plot next to a road, supply lines, infrastructural facilities, or even the view from the apartment window are determined by the area. Changing the area where the land plot is located is a complicated process, which usually influences the rights and interests of other landowners. The science of land and law has accumulated a large theoretical background on how to legally regulate the impact of activities being carried out on the land plot, in relation to others. The legal regulation of good neighborliness is often carried out through abstract regulations, their interpretation and application require theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The urgency of specific knowledge and skills mastering is also intensified by the imperfection of current legislation, which significantly complicates the complex process of legal regulations interpretation and application governing the legal relations of neighborhood. A real challenge for a practicing lawyer is also the ambiguous case law in the field of neighborhood.
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