Administrative Justice

Descipline Administrative Justice
Faculty Faculty of Law
Faculty URL
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 2
Semester 2
Description The course covers the following issues: a) a modern place and a system of administrative justice bodies; b) a place and a role of administrative justice, the review of public bodies illegal acts by private persons; c) the main aspects of the constitutional, administrative, judicial reforms, as well as the development of the judiciary, organization of law-enforcement bodies; d) the meaning of administrative adjudication and the development of the categories of disputes subject to the review by administrative courts; e) functions and powers of administrative justice bodies; f) the requirements for the legal form and the essence of acts taken by administrative justice bodies; g) European experience in the improvement of administrative justice functioning; h) the analysis of court practice on illegal acts revision, acts and omission of administrative justice bodies. Master students are also supposed to acquire the knowledge of introduction, institutionalization and development of administrative justice, as well as to study the European experience regarding the improvement of the domestic model for administrative justice.
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