Topical Issues of Procedural Law

Descipline Topical Issues of Procedural Law
Faculty Faculty of Law
Faculty URL
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 6
Semester 1
Description The course covers the following issues: a) general characteristics of administrative procedure, its elements and types; b) minimum standards for human rights protection in the sphere of executive power by means of administrative justice in  comparison with civil and criminal proceedings; c) procedural rights, obligations of the parties to administrative proceedings, development of their essence in the procedural legislation; d) the competence of administrative courts for deciding on the problematic issues of public conflicts resolution involving the EU Member States and  Ukraine; e) peculiarities of drafting procedural documents, requirements for the legal form, terms, reasonable timing; f) right to a fair trial, doctrine of due process, e-justice; g) peculiarities of non-criminal proceedings; h) formal proceedings. Master students are also supposed to acquire knowledge of administrative proceedings, their types, the peculiarities of parties’ procedural rights and obligations in various domestic and European administrative proceedings, the order of effective protection of procedural rights by means of administrative justice in comparative aspect.
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