Algebraic structures of modern mathematics

Descipline Algebraic structures of modern mathematics
Faculty Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
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Language English
Degree Doctorat (Ph.D.)
Credits 4
Semester 3
Description The sets, relations of order and equivalence ratio. Cardinal numbers, well-order, Zorn`s Lemma. Groups, cyclic groups, normal subgroups, quotient groups. Abelian groups, groups of substitutions, matrix groups. Presentation of a group generative and correlations. Rings, ideals and homorphism theory of divisibility, Euclid and factorial rings. Artin and Noether ring noncommutative ring. Fields expanding fields splitting field, algebraic and transcendental extension fields. Galois Theory. Algebra, algebra ideals factor. Nilpotent Lie algebra theorem Engel. Solvable
Lie algebra theorem Lee. Finite simple Lie algebra over the field C classification.
Teachers Bondarenko E.V.
Department of algebra and mathematical logic,
Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics,
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