Nonclassic mathematical models of solid mechanics

Descipline Nonclassic mathematical models of solid mechanics
Faculty Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
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Language English
Degree Master
Credits 6
Semester 1
Description The purpose of the theoretical course is to acquaint students with the origination of ideas, resulting in the development of novel mathematical models in the modern mechanics of deformable solids. First, we discuss nonlinear theory of elasticity at the finite displacements (by E.Trefftz, J.Hammel, and R. Kappus) as the backgroung for further exploration of the case of arbitrary motion of deformable solid in a space. Then, we derive coupled Lamé and Euler equations of the theory of spatial motion of elastic solids (by A.F.Ulitko) Practical impact is focused on the applications in the inertial gyroscopic sensors, microwave ultrasonic motors, high-speed rotor systems, and on the analysis of Coriolis dispersion of harmonic waves in the rotating solids.
Teachers Ulitko I.A.
Department of theoretical and applied mechanics,
Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics,
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