Modern methods of computer analysis of boundary-yalue problems

Descipline Modern methods of computer analysis of boundary-yalue problems
Faculty Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics
Faculty URL http://www.mechmat.univ.kiev.ua/en
Language English
Degree Master
Credits 4
Semester 2
Description The purpose of course “Modern methods of computer analysis of boundary-value problems” is to studying students of engineering specialties of higher educational institutions of the properties and characteristics of modern numerical schemes and methods to solve applied problems of mechanics and physics.
This discipline is an essential part of preparing students of all technical specialties, is one of the important courses to prepare students for the specialty “Mechanics”.
After studying this educational course, the student gets real skills with methods of function approximation, numerical methods of integration and differentiation of functions, numerical methods for solving basic numerical methods for solving nonlinear equations, numerical integration methods of boundary value problem for ordinary differential equations, solving boundary-value problems of technical importance.
Teachers Gourjii A.?.
Department of theoretical and applied mechanics,
Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics,
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