Institute of Geology

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  1. Advanced and Regional Mineralogy
  2. Advanced Geochemistry
  3. Advanced mineralogy
  4. Advanced research methods in Earth Sciences
  5. Basics of gemology
  6. Earth`s evolution
  7. Earth’s deep underground hydrosphere
  8. Engineering Geodynamics
  9. Environmental magnetism
  10. Geological concepts and methods in the mining cycle
  11. Hazardous Geological Processes
  12. Hydrogeophysics
  13. Legislation in subsoil using
  14. Marine mineral resources and their evaluation
  15. Mining and the Environment
  16. Mining technologies for mineral deposits
  17. Modeling of Deposits
  18. Modelling of geological processes and structures
  19. Modern International standards of exploration
  20. Ore Geology
  21. Practicum in Ore Geology
  22. Practicum in Reserves and Resourses evaluation
  23. Quantitative Mineral Resources Assessment (QMRA)
  24. Research practice
  25. Reserves and resourses evaluation
  26. The theory of ore formation
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