Faculty of Law

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  1. Administrative Justice
  2. Alternative Disputes Resolution
  3. Alternative Disputes Resolution
  4. Asylum and Refugee Legal Status
  5. Civil Remedies for Human Rights Protection
  6. Civil Remedies for Human Rights Protection
  7. Commercial Disputes Resolution
  8. Comparative Land Law
  9. Conflicts of Laws: Prevention, Resolution, Removal
  10. Copyright and Related Rights
  11. Cultural Rights
  12. Current Issues of Land Relations Legal Regulation
  13. Domestic and International Procedures for the Victims of Discrimination and Violation of Human Rights
  14. Energy Law
  15. Enforcement of Intellectual Property
  16. Human Rights Protection at the European Court of Human Rights
  17. Intellectual Property Law in the Internet
  18. International Protection of Human Rights
  19. Interpretation and Application of Law
  20. Legal Writing
  21. Legal Writing
  22. Legal and Organizational Foundations of Legal Practice
  23. Legal Aspects of Business Contracts between EU and non-EU Enterprises
  24. Legal Consulting
  25. Legal Measures and Procedures for Fighting Corruption
  26. Marketing Aspects of Legal Practice
  27. Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  28. Neighbourliness Legal Regulation
  29. Neighbourliness Legal Regulation
  30. Patent Law
  31. Promoting and Implementing Democratic Principles and Human Rights Standards in EU and Partner
  32. Property Right and Other Corporeal to Land Parcels
  33. Public Administration Decisions Adoption and Implementation in the field of Land Use and Protection
  34. Right to Land Implementation: Current Issues
  35. Role of the European Court of Human Rights in Enforcing Human Rights
  36. Topical Issues of Private Law
  37. Topical Issues of Procedural Law
  38. Topical Issues of Public Law
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