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  1. (TV Anchoring Training Course
  2. ?nformation Geopolitics
  3. ?nformation Warfare
  4. Accounting Taxation and Reporting in International Business
  5. Actual problems of international relations
  6. Basics of Scientific Research
  7. Black Sea Region: Security, Institutions, Development
  8. Business Economics
  9. Business Transactions and International Sale of Goods
  10. Comparative Criminal Law and Process
  11. Comparative Administrative Law and Process
  12. Comparative and International Tax Law
  13. Comparative Civil Law
  14. Comparative Constitutional Law
  15. Comparative Labour and Social Law
  16. Comparative Municipal Law
  17. Competition in World Markets
  18. Competition Law and International Trade)
  19. Competition Law & International Trade
  20. Competition on World Markets  
  21. Contemporary Legal Systems
  22. Country Studies
  23. Course:  Concepts of Sustainable Development (Practical Skills)
  24. Crisis Communication
  25. Current Trends in WTO Law
  26. Current trends in the development of world economic theory
  27. Current trends of development the world economic theory
  28. E-government
  29. East Europe in World Politics
  30. Enerdgy cooperation institutions
  31. Energy security in Black Sea-Caspian Region
  32. Environmental Institutions
  33. Environmental Politics:  Case Studies
  34. EU Competition Law
  35. EU Economic Law
  36. EU Banking & Financial instruments
  37. EU Economic Law
  38. EU Economic Law
  39. EU Labor & Social Law
  40. EU policy towards  Eastern Europe
  41. European and  East European policy of Russia
  42. European Company Law
  43. European Union Law
  44. Foregin policy stratigies of  Eastern European countries
  45. Geopolitics
  46. Global information Studits
  47. Global Environment Issues
  48. Global Sustainable Development Finance
  49. History of Political and Legal Studies
  50. History of State and Law
  51. History of International Law
  52. Human Resource Management and Business Ethics
  53. Human Rights in International Law
  54. Information Geopolitics
  55. Information geopolitics
  56. Information Warfare
  57. Intellectual Property Law
  58. Intenational Investment Law and Arbitration
  59. International Commercial Arbitration
  60. International Energy Law
  61. International Financial Law
  62. International Financial Management and Corporate Finance
  63. International Trade and Intellectual Property Law
  64. International Trade Law
  65. International Business Law
  66. International Business Research
  67. International Commercial Arbitration
  68. International Communi?ation
  69. International Conflicts in Eastern Europe
  70. International Corporate & Investment Law
  71. International corporate management
  72. International Criminal Law and Procedure
  73. International Economic Law
  74. International Environmental Law
  75. International Humanitarian Law
  76. International Information Law
  77. International Justice
  78. International Labour Law and Specialised Labour Safety
  79. International Legal Proceedings
  80. International Litigation
  81. International Marketing Management
  82. International PR Practice
  83. International PR Practice
  84. International Relation Trends
  85. International Security Studies: Regional Implications
  86. Introduction to International Law Specialty
  87. Judicial Protection of Human Rights in International Law
  88. Judicial Systems and Comparative Judicial Law
  89. Jurisprudence of the International Court of Justice
  90. Law of Foreign Relations
  91. Law of International Dispute Settlement
  92. Law of Treaties
  93. Legal case studies on current issues of EU Law
  94. Legal writing & practice on European Databases
  95. Legal Profession and Legal Practice, Dispute Settlement in World Trade Organization
  96. Legal Profession and Legal Practice (including Professional and Corporate Ethics)
  97. Media Analytics
  98. Methodology of European Law Research
  99. Methodology of International Legal Research
  100. Modelling and Forecasting of International Relations
  101. Moot Court
  102. Moot Court
  103. Nationalism in East European Politics
  104. Natural Resources Development
  105. Non-Proliferation and Export Controls in East Europe
  106. Operations and Supply Chain Management
  107. Organizational Behavior and Cross Cultural Management
  108. Political economy of international trade
  109. Political Economy of International Trade
  110. Political Economy of International Trade
  111. Practical course on representing clients at the ECHR
  112. Protection of migrants’, aliens’, refugees’ and displaced persons’ rights
  113. Public Diplomacy
  114. Public International Law (Basics of the Theory) (??????)
  115. Public International Law (Main Branches and Institutes) (??????)
  116. Public Procurement & State Aid regulation in the EU
  117. Quantitative Reasoning for Decision Making in International Business
  118. Regulation of International Trade in Agricultural Products
  119. Regulation of International Trade in Services
  120. Regulation of International Trade in Agricultural Products
  121. Reputation managent
  122. Reputation management
  123. Resource conflicts
  124. Roman Law
  125. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures and Technical Barriers to Trade
  126. Settlement of International Disputes
  127. Settlement of Investment Disputes
  128. Settlement of International Economic Disputes
  129. Sociology of Mass
  130. Sociology of Mass Communication
  131. Strategic Planning and Development
  132. Sustainability: Theory
  133. The WTO Law
  134. Theory and Practice of International Law
  135. Theory and Practice of International Journalism
  136. Theory of State and Law
  137. Trade Remedies
  138. TV Anchoring Training
  139. Ukraine in World Politics
  140. Ukraine in World Politics
  141. Universal and Regional Systems of Human Rights Protection
  142. US policy in  Eastern Europe
  143.  Business and Financial Mathematics
  144.  Legal Regulation of Intellectual Property & innovations in business
  145.  Legal regulation of the EU Common Commercial Policy
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